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Persons who meet the following criteria are eligible for accreditation:
  • Journalists holding a press card.
  • For all other persons, the following documents are necessary to prove their status as a journalist:
    • Submit a sworn statement from the Editor-in-Chief or Head of Service, holder of a press card (press card number to be provided).
    • Submit original copies of articles, less than 12 months old, which mention the individual as author or editor.
To preserve your working conditions, the number of accreditations per media is limited.

The press service may withdraw the accreditation, or remove a member, if this measure is justified. There is no absolute right to accreditation.

The press service is entitled to ask for « physical » evidence proving the journalistic activity of the person requesting an accreditation.
At the entrance of the show, you will be asked for a valid identity card, showing the same name as the accreditation.
The press accreditation is strictly personal and non-transferable. The number of entries is controlled and limited. Handing a badge over to a third party may subject you to the offence of the illegal sale of rights of access to commercial events (Law n° of 2012-348 of March 12, 2012).

Obtaining a press accreditation is not synonymous with a « fast pass » and in no way guarantees priority treatment on stands; this decision is the responsibility of each exhibitor.

Have a great show !
The Paris Games Week team